Friday, June 21, 2019

Journal of Civil Engineering Research-Lupine Publishers

Comparison between: Concrete Flat-Slabs and Tunnel Form Construction (Tcf) by Hiba Alhawasli in Trends in Civil Engineering and its Architecture in Lupine Publishers

The concept of modern methods of construction seems to provide faster and more efficient construction increasingly in the construction industry. These modern methods provide features and solutions to the problems of cost, durability and speed but the choice of the most suitable system for building follows a number of requirements and conditions determined by the nature of the same construction and its specifications. This article analyzes two concrete building systems: concrete flat-slabs construction and tunnel form construction (TCF), but with a comparison methodology between both types of systems in the following aspects: method of construction, components contacts and particles of implementation, through an overview of both systems and their parts and the implementation mechanism of the construction to ultimately determine the appropriate place to use each one. All of building height, function, and speed required are important factors to determine the priority of one of these two systems over the other.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Friday, June 14, 2019

Civil Engineering Research Journal- Lupine Publishers

Integration of Multiple Uses to Create a Central Place for the Community: An Approach towards a Sustainable Town Centre Development at Baze Shilinda, Rajshahi by Abdulla - Al Kafy in Trends in Civil Engineering and its Architecture in Lupine Publishers

Town centre is the social hub of the town in which the central services of the highest order are found. For being one of the fast growing cities in Bangladesh, Rajshahi needs sustainable town centre with the integration of administrative, commercial, recreational, residential and industrial activities which will ensure smart and sustainable urban growth of the city. In this context, Baze Shilinda at Paba Upazila in Rajshahi district has been selected for the development of town centre. The study aims to develop a sustainable Town Centre by ensuring better urban design and integration of multiple functions. The proposed Town Centre has also been designed as a flexible multiple use district of vertical mixed-use buildings that brings retail, office, civic, recreational, and residential uses together and developed social connectivity throughout different proposed zones. The complete town centre design has been accomplished with the help of Arc GIS 10.3 software in which Create Fishnet tool has been used for plotting in different zones. All the proposed utility facilities have been estimated using planning standard, appropriate land use distribution and facility provision. The proposed town centre design will fulfil the need of a fast growing community which ensures use of multiple functions to maximize the use of resources and generates activity and economic flow to any cities in Bangladesh. The study can be a guideline for any future town centre development because of its uniqueness and sustainability in its design.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

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Nonlinear Analysis of Space Structures under Dynamic Loads by Qasim M Shakir in Trends in Civil Engineering and its Architecture in Lupine Publishers

A theoretical analysis is presented for estimating the in-space large displacement elastic stability behavior of structures subjected to either proportional or non-proportional dynamic loads. The analysis adopts the beam-column approach, which models the structure’s members as beam-column elements. The formulation of the beam-column element is based on the Eulerian approach allowing for the influence of the axial force on the bending and the torsion stiffness. Also, change in member chord length due to the axial deformation and flexural bowing are taken into account. Newmark- β method is used as a time integration technique to plot the time-deformation curves. Damping effect is expressed using Raleigh damping matrix. Several examples have been solved to insure the accuracy of the present analysis.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

International Journal of Architecture- Lupine Publishers

Analysis of Rainfall Trend in Selected States with in the Coastal Region of Nigeria using non-Parametric Mann-Kendall Test Statistics by Ilaboya IR in Trends in Civil Engineering and its Architecture in Lupine Publishers

Trend in rainfall data have a great impact on the hydrological cycle and thus involve both the character and quantity of water resources. Analysis of trend in rainfall data also aids to see the result of rainfall variability on the occurrence of drought and flood. The aim of this research is to detect and estimate the magnitude of trend associated with rainfall data from Akure and Calabar which are located within the coastal region of Nigeria using non-parametric Mann-Kendall test statistics. Monthly data for thirty six (36) years spanning from 1980 to 2016 was used as input parameters for the analysis. Infilling of the missing records was done with the aid of expectation maximization algorithm which is unarguably one of the best missing value analysis techniques. Preprocessing of the rainfall data was done by conducting numerous time series validation test such as test of homogeneity, test of normality and outlier detection. Homogeneity test was aimed at testing the assumption of same population distribution; outlier detection was to detect the presence of bias in the data while test of normality was done to validate the claim that climatic data are not always normally distributed. In addition to testing the normality assumption of the data, normality test was also employed to select the most suitable trend detection and estimation technique. Results of the analysis revealed that the rainfall data from Akure and Calabar are statistically homogeneous. The records did not contain outliers and they are not normally distributed as expected for most climatic variables. The non-parametric trend detection and estimation analysis revealed that the rainfall data from Akure shows statistical significant evidence of a decreasing trend with a computed M-K trend value of -129. Although, the rainfall records from Calabar do not have sufficient statistical evidence of a significant trend, the computed M-K trend value was +50 which is; evidence of an increasing trend.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Journal of Architectural Research- Lupine Publishers

Improving Residential Buildings Performance against the Explosion Using Passive Defense RequirementsCase Study: Designing a Residential Building in Damascus by Alhawasli H in Trends in Civil Engineering and its Architecture in Lupine Publishers

Because of its special situation in the Middle East, which is described as a conflict zone, Syria has been subjected to war and has suffered heavy casualties and financial losses. Nowadays, using comprehensive crisis management programs can reduce the severity and extent of damages by using effective measures. One of the most important of these measures is the use of passive defense principles as a strategy to reduce risks against various hazards and increase post-risk efficiency, which should be considered at different levels of planning, urban planning and architecture. Therefore, this article is descriptive-analytical and theoreticalpractical type that can play a significant role in achieving the goals mentioned previously. Accordingly, with the completion of necessary studies on inoperative defense and architectural requirements to be respected, architectural measures in the design of residential buildings were developed for maximum use during wartime and normal conditions. The results of the information analysis indicated that the design process of a residential building could be protected” as possible as” against the explosion based on the requirements of passive defense in an organized process. At each design stage, the impact of a new design criterion will be threatened to reduce the impact. A simple example for this method can be as follows: Step One: Landscape Design, Step Two: General Design of the Architectural Concept, Step Three: Analysis and Design of Civil Engineering, and Step Four: Designing the Systems of Coating. Based on this, a ten-story residential building in Damascus-Syria was designed talking into account the above consideration to achieve safety and security. 

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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Journal of Civil Engineering Research-Lupine Publishers

Comparison between: Concrete Flat-Slabs and Tunnel Form Construction (Tcf) by Hiba Alhawasli in Trends in Civil Engineering and its Archi...